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Do you want to know the type of face masks recommended to be used against the global pandemic of Coronavirus (COVID-19)?

Currently, FFP2 Face Mask and N95 Face Mask are being used for prevention against the contagious disease.

These varieties of different face masks have been used in the past by healthcare professionals and those associated with agriculture and construction for prevention against influenza. As of now, these masks are popular worldwide since they offer a 95% filtration against the Coronavirus.

The N95 Face Mask can either be valved or unvalved and offers excellent protection for your respiratory system.

All of these mask varieties meet the World Health Organization (WHO) guidelines and are FFP2 grade (which is N95 equivalent). Besides the Coronavirus, the FFP2 Face Mask has also been recommended for protection against SARS and Avian Flu by WHO in the past. Since they are sourced in England, they can also be called the UK Face Mask.

What is a UK Face Mask?
A UK Face Mask is a dust mask that filters out the dust from the air before it reaches your respiratory tract. In the case of an N95 Face Mask, over 95% of the dust particles are filtered out of the air that reaches your nose and mouth. You can Buy Face Mask UK from our face mask website right on this page.

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If you are in search of the right UK Face Mask, you have landed on the right page. We have both, the N95 Face Mask and FFP2 Face Mask.

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What does a UK Face Mask look like?

The UK Face Mask is a half-mask respirator that is designed to cover your nose and mouth when it is fitted correctly.

Two elastic headbands will keep the mask from coming off while the small metal structure will sit on your nose to give some added support.

Where can I buy N95 Face Mask for protection against Coronavirus?
The N95 Face Mask, FFP2 Face Mask, and all other varieties that are currently being used for protection against the disease can be bought from our website.

We offer same-day shipping Monday to Friday on working days of the week. Once you have placed an order for your UK Face Mask, you will be sent a confirmation once your order has been dispatched.

How is an FFP2 Face Mask used?
These respirator masks are simple to use and about anyone can put them on without any help. Just hold your FFP2 Face Mask up to your face and place it on in such a way that it covers your nose and mouth. Bring the headbands over your head and adjust their fitting to suit you.

The lower elastic band goes around the nape of your neck while the other goes around the widest part of your head. Adjust the metal bridge by bending or moving until it fits exactly right to hold the UK Face Mask in place, without being too tight.

You will find them comfortable to wear since they are lightweight.

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KN95, FFP2, or N95 Face Mask:

What is the difference between the different face masks?
All these are respirator masks that are graded on the level of protection that they offer. Every country uses its own grading system for the equivalent masks that are generated locally. F

FP2 Face Mask is the version used in Europe, including the UK.
N95 Face Mask is the version that is used in the USA,
KN95 Face Mask is the Chinese version.

All these face masks are similar and offer the same level of protection against the Coronavirus. They offer filtration from particles at a concentration level of 12x OEL (10x APF).

Is the UK Face Mask reusable?
Since these face masks are primarily designed for use on construction sites, they are not specified as reusable.

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) states that the N95 Face Mask can be reused, if it is intact and fully functional, with the filter material free from any damage.

Is the UK Face Mask washable?

Although not marketed as washable, customers have reported their successful experiences with the UK Face Mask after it had been subject to machine-washing.

What is the difference between the different varieties of masks?

Learn about the differences in styles and protection offered by the different varieties of face masks here before you buy Face Mask UK. You can read our detailed article about called " what are the differences between N95 & KN95 Face masks here "