Top 10 Hygiene And Health Tips To Combat COVID-19

We are dedicated to helping the UK public stay safe and healthy during this global pandemic of Coronavirus also known as COVID19.

Our website is committed to supplying both civilian & public sector workers with protective equipment (PPE) to keep safe.

As well as providing products we are also want to provide a service and a platform to keep you informed on the best practices & keep helping you through the pandemic with useful information that is not only practical but also that you can implement to keep yourself and other around you safe.

Here are 10 simple and easy healthcare tips to keep you clean, feeling good and assist in combating COVID-19.

  1. Wash your hands

 Hands are the number one culprit for transmitting infectious substances from self to others. These potentially harmful substances can contaminate food and unwashed surfaces. So ensure to wash your hands regularly and thoroughly, for 20 seconds a time.

  1. Cover your mouth and nose

 Sneeze and coughs can travel enormouse distances unseen to the naked eye, so it is advised to catch sneezes and cough in tissues than you then immediately dispose of and wash your hands. If a tissue is unavailable, it is advised to cough into the inside of your elbow.

  1. Wear a face mask

Wearing a face mask has been advised by the World Health Organisation for limiting the spread of the virus as well as protecting oneself from it.  The latest UK government guidance is that when out in the public you should not only be social distancing but also wearing a face bask either:

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  1. Use hand sanitizer

Water and soap are not always available to wash your hands after touching surfaces. So carrying around hand sanitisers or alcohol-based solutions is a must-have for public transport journeys or shopping runs.

  1. Avoid touching your nose, mouth, and eyes

 As difficult as it is, limiting how much you touch your face, particularly the eyes mouth and nose. This is because the viruses mainly enter the body through these orifices, which makes it essential to keep potentially contaminated hands away from them.

  1. Eat a healthy balanced diet

Staying healthy is just as much about keeping the immune system strong and able to defend. The best way to do this is to eat a rich and balanced diet, with 5 fruits and vegetables a day, and a selection of fibres and wholegrain. Vitamin C and zinc supplements have also been proven to support the immune system. Ask your GP before you begin taking any supplements.

  1. Keep nails trimmed and clean

Germs love to hide away and thrive underneath nails. Keeping your nails short and trimmed can ensure that dirt and bacteria do not build up underneath. Keeping your fingernails short will limit your chances of spreading bacterial substances or virus matter that could not be cleaned off when using a hand wash as it was hidden underneath your fingernails.


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  1. Get a good night's sleep

It is well known that the body needs sleep to recover. But did you know that sleep has a powerful and lasting effect on the immune system? Making sure you are getting enough sleep at night (which is different for everyone) can ensure your immune system is always in tip-top condition.

  1. Take your vitamins

Vitamins aren’t just for kids anymore! Some of us struggle to get in our 5-a-day most days, so vitamins can be an added boost when we're feeling down. There are many on offer so look for those that are especially immune-boosting.

  1. Look after your skin

Skin is what protects our entire body, and is the first contact with bacteria or virus matter. Washing your hands as well as the rest of your body is essential in keeping up your hygiene as well as moisturizing, as the constant use of hand sanitizers can dry the skin.

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