Must Have Items During The Coronavirus Outbreak

Most of us like to be fully prepared, particularly during uncertain times like these.

Instead of following the herd and furiously stockpiling pasta and toilet paper like a maniac, you can find all your essential needs in the concise and useful list below.

Face masks

Face masks are surely not a guarantee that you will not contract COVID-19, but they certainly offer a considerable amount more protection than not wearing one at all. They are designed to filter the air you breathe in so that bacteria and virus matter cannot get into your lungs.

The N95 KN95 & FFP2 respirator masks were advised by the WHO, who’ve recommended these as an adequate level of respiratory protection against the coronavirus. 

If you want to take them one step further, the FFP3 facemasks offer even higher protection against contaminated matters from entering the respiratory system. 

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Hand sanitiser

The government across all nations have advised thoroughly washing your hands as an effective preventative measure to stop spreading as well as contracting the COVID-19 virus.

Often, water and soap are not available when one is out shopping for essentials or on travelling as a key worker, so hand sanitizers are an effective way in killing the bacteria and virus matter on one's hands.


COVID-19 is a respiratory virus, which means it cannot be treated by antibiotics and attacks the lungs. The best way to fight off a virus is to keep your immune system strong and ready to combat illnesses. Enjoying a healthy balanced diet, as well as regular exercise and relaxation, can all increase the strength of your immune system, which is inevitably what will allow you to fight off the virus if you were to contract it.

Disposable gloves

Disposable gloves are useful when one cannot wash or sanitise their hands. Although it is important to mention that gloves are essentially rendered useless if you do not use them with caution. The risk for cross-contamination is high if you touch different surfaces then touch your face or even your phone and keys without removing the gloves first.

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Digital Thermometer

If you do think that you are beginning to exhibit signs of Coronavirus having a thermometer in the house is a quick way to see if you a running a hot temperature. On the NHS website they recommend the following:

What is a high temperature?

Your normal body temperature day to day is different for everyone and changes throughout the day.

Should your temperature be in excess of 38C or more this is usually considered a high temperature or fever.

What should happen if you are running at a high temperature?
If you are hot and running a high temperature, it could be COVID19.

For the sake of the community and to protect others, do not visit your local GP surgery, pharmacy or hospital. It is recommended to "Stay at home".

Use the 111 online coronavirus service to find out what to do.


Disinfectants that kill 99.9% of germs will ensure that if any harmful substances were to land, they would not be transferred to other people as disinfectants kill all traces of bacteria and viruses dead in their tracks.

High-grade protective facemasks, as well as the rest of the items and ideas listed above, can help you stop the spread of the novel coronavirus and save lives. Our website lists a wide range of facemasks no longer available so freely on the market, so you can choose the one that best fits your needs and comfort level, for you and the family!

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