Where to Buy Face Masks? Alternative Online Options Disclosed

Face masks are what we all would give anything to get in this difficult time. The Coronavirus is everywhere; with the number of confirmed cases rising at alarming speeds, face masks prove one of the best options to keep oneself protected. However, there isn’t enough for everyone. What everyone wants to know is where to buy face masks.

Reasons for the shortage of face masks

There has been a shortage of these face masks since the rise of the virus, especially because they’re meant for a single-use and must be discarded each time.

Imagine how many face masks will be required if everyone uses a fresh one every couple of hours. Since this is not possible, the authorities advise healthy people against the purchase of these masks, so that there’s enough for those who are sick with the COVID-19, and health care workers who treat them as part of their everyday routine.

Think ahead and be prepared

However, in case you start showing symptoms of the disease, you must already be aware of all your options regarding where to buy face masks. Make sure you start using face masks right away if you show symptoms. This will protect others from catching the infection.

However, when you do find face masks that can be purchased, remember to take only the amount you need. Avoid hoarding as it can keep others from acquiring it. It is as important for others to wear face masks as it is for you to ensure your safety.

What are the options

●   Local pharmacies

You can hit the local pharmacies or a superstore to see if they have any face masks. You’ll be lucky if you reach in time to get a few. However, since most people select this option, it’s unlikely that you’ll find face masks here. Also, it’s advised not to leave home too often, to limit the chances of catching the infection.

●   Shop online

Online shopping is the preferred option when you think about where to buy face masks. Shopping online is safer because you’ll have tons of options to compare and shop peacefully without being around people. Here are some of the spots which are likely to have an adequate stock of face masks when you shop online:

E-commerce stores

●      Amazon

Being the biggest e-commerce store, Amazon is the first name that comes to mind when you think of buying anything online. You can choose between a range of different options here from surgical face masks in bulks to reusable fabric face masks. However, N95s may not be so easy to find here.

●      eBay

eBay is your next best bet when hunting for face masks. You’ll find one of the largest collections here. Washable, as well as disposable face masks, are available here at competitive prices.

●      Ali Express

Ali Express is the place to be when you’re hunting for hard-to-find items such as face masks. They have plenty of disposable and reusable face masks in stock, together with ample supply of N95s.

●      Etsy

You’ll find plenty of colorful options to choose from at Etsy. All kinds of accessories are available from reusable cotton face masks to ear loop packs for making your own homemade face masks.

Fashion stores 

Face masks are just a necessity, but growing into a trend these days. Fashion stores have started making them into stylish designs, prints, and colors to choose from. These are the brands to approach if you are looking for a trendy face mask to flaunt:

●      Araks

This is the place to be if you’re looking for cute floral prints or trendy face masks.

●      BellaBabyUK

BellaBabyUK has a beautiful collection of face masks that you can wash and reuse for as long as the fabric stays intact. You’ll love wearing these and they’re super comfortable.

●      Collina Strada

Collina Strada features a unique face mask in orange and yellow. It comes with bows and really takes the face mask trend to a whole new level.

Can you make your own face mask?

So you just saw where to buy face masks. There are plenty of other online stores too where you can hunt for these protective gadgets. However, if you can’t find enough stock of medical face masks and the fashion face masks available online are too expensive for you, you can make one at home. It doesn’t take any skill to do so either.

There are options available if you don’t know to sew as well. Just follow the guidelines given by the CDC website and you’ll have your own collection of face masks ready in no time.

How to use a face mask

As important as learning where to buy face masks is to know how to use one correctly. Follow these tips to make the best out of the use of these face masks that you buy:

  • Put on your face mask before leaving the house.
  • When putting it on, make sure it covers your nose openings and your mouth completely.
  • Once you have it on, avoid touching the mask since it could become contaminated and transfer the particles onto your hands when you touch it.
  • If you touch the mask accidentally, sanitize your hands or wash them thoroughly.
  • Be careful not to pull out the mask from the front while removing it.
  • Remove it from the ear loops or the inside of the mask.
  • Once you’ve pulled it out wash it thoroughly with soap and water if it’s a reusable fabric mask. Discard it if the mask was meant for single-use.
  • Once you are done handling the face mask, wash your hands with soap and water or use an alcohol-based sanitizer.


Even though face masks aren’t very easily available at local stores, and even online, you can acquire them if you know where to buy face masks. However, face masks alone do not guarantee protection against the Coronavirus, so remember to follow all the preventive guidelines of the authorities. 

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