Protective N95 KN95 FFP2 Face Masks for the Tube - Precaution to Save Lives

Order Protective N95 KN95 Face Masks for the Tube and London Underground.

Unless it’s absolutely a necessity, don’t travel. This is what the UK government has been advising people since the advent of this disease.

“Stay home. Don’t travel. Save Lives.”

The above message appears on the Tube’s official website since what they want most at this time is for their staff and customers to stay safe. Coronavirus is on the rise and travelling during this time, especially in public transport is highly risky. The Tube isn’t completely shut down during lockdown but their services are strictly restricted. They have kept it running for the essential workers to get to work.

Protective N95 KN95 FFP2 face masks for the Tube, won’t just keep you safe if you’re using the Tube, but it will also save lives of the other passengers and travel workers associated with the Tube.

Why are face masks important when you travel in the Tube?

The Tube’s services are only for essential trips so that the ride isn’t crowded and everyone can enjoy a safer journey. However, if you have to travel to work or for essential grocery shopping, travelling through the Tube might be inevitable for you.

N95 face masks are your best bet in such a situation since they will create a safer atmosphere for everyone to breathe in.

Here are some of the reasons why protective N95 KN95 FFP2 face masks for the Tube are a necessity:

1.  Protect critical workers

For the most part, Tube is being used by doctors, nurses, and ambulance workers to get to work and save lives. Putting their lives in jeopardy by not wearing a protective N95 face mask means putting thousands of other lives depending in danger too. The patients lying in critical conditions on the hospital bed during these unprecedented times depend largely on these health workers who get to work by the Tube. When you get on the Tube without taking the necessary precautions, you put their lives at risk.

2.  Protect transport workers

As of May 7, 43 London transport workers have lost their lives to the Coronavirus, and the situation is not improving. More and more people are falling prey to this notorious virus, many of which are in critical condition, fighting for their lives. Transport workers are among them since they are on the frontlines, fighting against the pandemic, alongside the health workers. Not wearing a KN95 face mask before heading out on the Tube poses many risks to the Tube staff who are only there to help you get to where you want on time.

3.  Protect yourself

Travelling through London Underground isn’t just risky for others, but for yourself as well. Try to avoid travelling as far as possible. However, if you really need to, gear yourself up with all the protective measures that will lower your chances of catching the virus. A two-meter distance might not be always a possibility when travelling to the London Underground, and also while sitting on it.

Other than that, the National Geographic has already provided a report saying that particles from a sneeze travel much further than 6 feet. So if an infected person was to sneeze next to you, you better have one of these protective N95 KN95 FFP2 face masks for the Tube on to protect yourself.

As they say, “better be safe than sorry.” Order your N95 KN95 now to avoid regrets.

4.  Prevent the spread

Other than protecting yourself and those around you in the Tube, by putting on a protective face mask, you are playing a major role in preventing the spread of the disease. Already, since the advent of Coronavirus since December 2019, we have been fighting against it for the past 5 months and lost many lives in during this time. It’s about time we stand together and do whatever it takes to beat it.

Prevent the spread of COVID-19 - wear a mask

Additional protective measures while using the Tube

You’ve already seen how essential it is to use a protective N95 mask, KN95, or FFP2 while you travel on London Underground. While wearing a face mask is very effective in protecting you against the airborne contaminants in your surroundings, it’s not the only thing that you’ll need to be careful about. The Tube website provides a number of guidelines to be followed while using their services during the pandemic.

“Stay home - don’t travel unless essential,” says the Tube on their Travel Information page.

Don’t travel unless necessary

The first thing that the travel guidelines on the Tube website mention are that you shouldn’t be using the service at all unless you don’t have another option. They also provide guidelines on how to use the service during these difficult times, in case you really need to. Here are some:

  • Avoid travelling during peak times. These peak times occur between 5:45 and 7:45, and then again between 16:00 and 17:30.
  • Some paths such as Victoria Line, Jubilee Line from Stratford to London Bridge, and from Wembley Park to Stanmore are particularly busy, especially during peak times and should be avoided as far as possible.
  • Some stations have adjusted their exits and entrances, visit the website to be prepared before you travel.
  • Because a number of travel workers are down with the Coronavirus or in self-isolation, the Tube is only offering reduced services. The service may be closed during certain times of the day, make sure you schedule your journey ahead of time after consulting their website and save yourself from any trouble.
  • The website also offers plenty of smart travel tools such as their Facebook TravelBot which can be used to find out all about your journey. This will help you plan ahead and ensure a safe journey.

Make sure you order your Protective N95 KN95 FFP2 Face Masks for the Tube today so that it arrives in time for your journey on the Tube.

Why is there a shortage of face masks?

So you understand why it’s absolutely essential to wear a protective N95 face mask while travelling on Tube? The next question will be where exactly will you find one? Protective face masks, especially the NHS-approved N95 face masks that offer more than 95% protection against airborne contaminants is pretty hard to find, especially nowadays.

N95 face masks, that were initially designed for construction workers and miners, are now being used by just about everyone to protect themselves against the Coronavirus. This has led to a shortage in the market. Pharmacies are the main source of such medical supplies for the general public. This is why there aren’t many chances to find an N95 if you step into the nearest pharmacy near your house.

The shortage is so severe that even the health workers and Coronavirus patients find it hard to get hold of N95s, and KN95s.

It’s unfortunate not just for them, but also for us since as the number of Coronavirus patients rise, the risk for us catching the virus also increases. 

Where to find Protective N95 KN95 FFP2 Face Masks for the Tube?

So if there’s a shortage of face masks, does that mean we head out unprotected to the London Underground and put ourselves and others at risk?

Not at all. At Mask Coronavirus, we make it absolutely certain that everyone gets an N95 to protect themselves with.

Our warehouses are loaded with sufficient supplies of Protective N95 KN95 FFP2 Face Masks for the Tube so that none of our Tube travellers put their lives at risk.

Since we are facing a pandemic and everyone is in dire need of the essential protective gear including face masks, we make it our priority to make prompt deliveries. When you place an order, it will already be ready for shipment in our warehouses and will reach you within 2 to 3 days. Make sure you place an order soon so that you can continue enjoying safe travels to work through the London Underground.


Avoid stepping out of your home unless you really need to. The environment out there is not safe, especially if you don’t have an N95 face mask on. If you really need to travel, make sure you gear yourself with one of these Protective N95 KN95 FFP2 Face Masks for the Tube and follow all the preventive measures to ensure a safe journey.


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