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With the Coronavirus outbreak, most of our activities have been restricted. Among these include going to the gym. Those of us who regularly went to the gym before the pandemic struck would understand how hard it is to spend days without the gym exercises.

However, this lockdown shouldn’t stop you from exercising indoors, with what you already have. After all, we wouldn’t want all that muscle strength we have developed during the gym days to be lost simply because of the lockdown. Thankfully, once the lockdown subsides, gyming can start once again. Make sure you keep your protective N95 KN85 FFP2 face masks for the gym ready before that time.

Are gyms safe during the pandemic?

One question that you might ask yourself even after the lockdown ends and all businesses resume as normal is this one: are gyms safe to go to during the Coronavirus?

Many people will be reluctant to visit gyms even when they reopen.

Unfortunately, they aren’t free from risk, just like every other public place like restaurants, libraries, and schools.

What makes a gym even more of a risk is the fact that social distancing can be particularly difficult to maintain here and the environment can be infiltrated with heavy breathing and sweating. You are at a greater risk of catching the infection from a possible coronavirus patient at a gym than at other places. However, gearing yourself with protective N95 KN95 FFP2 face masks for the gym helps take much of the risk away so you can exercise safely.

Wear face masks to exercise safely

Can you exercise with a face mask?

Another thing that athletes might be wondering is whether it’s safe to exercise with a face mask on. According to an interview a physical therapist, Grayson Wickham, by the CNET it is safe for most people.

“Most people can perform every and all exercises with a face mask on”

Grayson Wickham tells the channel.

However, he also adds that if you are exercising with a face mask on, you should continuously be monitoring your breathing. In case any kind of dizziness or shortness of breath is experienced, you should take your N95 face mask off immediately.

Nevertheless, exercising in the gym with a face mask isn’t recommended for everyone. Those who already have a respiratory illness should avoid the gym since a face mask isn’t suitable for them, especially while exercising. They should continue their fitness routine indoors at home until the Coronavirus ends and they can exercise freely at the gym without an N95 face mask or KN95 face mask. 

Is every face mask suitable for gyming?

Different face masks are designed differently; not every face mask will allow you to exercise just as freely. Some face masks are more constricting than others and will reduce the ability of the wearer to breathe normally. This will allow little oxygen to reach the lungs of the wearer. Since oxygen is a primary ingredient of many of the bodily processes, including the creation of glucose, the wearer may not be able to deliver their best while exercising. They may be fatigued sooner than they usually do and might not be able to perform heavy exercises.

So which face mask is suitable for gyming? Is there a face mask that will not constrict breathing and allow you to perform just as well as you do without a face mask? The answer is YES! Protective N95 KN95 FFP2 Face Masks for the Gym by Mask Coronavirus is designed specifically for the gym enthusiasts. We understand just how badly you all miss the gym and wouldn’t want anything to stand in your way and exercise after the lockdown ends.

The N95 face masks by Mask Coronavirus, specially designed for the gym, will not constrict your breathing in the least.

The only function that they will offer is to filter out the airborne particles in the air around you. N95 face masks that we manufacture are NHS-approved and effective in blocking more than 95% airborne particles that may carry virus-causing contaminants in it. So while wearing an N95 or KN95 face masks designed for the gym, you’ll only be breathing in fresh, oxygen-rich air, free from contaminations, including viruses.   

Tips for maintaining safety at the gym

While the gym staff will be expected to do their part in maintaining cleanliness and hygiene at the gym to ensure the wellbeing of their clients, it may not be quite enough to protect you from catching the virus.

Disinfecting the gym equipment after each athlete touches it and wiping down the surfaces after each athlete comes in contact with them seems unachievable. It will be hard to find a gym that has a staff so vigilant that not a single contaminant survives in the environment. Most gyms will follow the standard protocols and disinfect the gym surroundings twice or thrice a day.

Since you don’t know if the person breathing heavily next to you or the one who lifted the dumbbells before you are infected or not, you will need to be extra careful on your part rather than blindly trusting the gym staff to ensure your safety. Here are some tips that you can follow to prevent yourself from catching an infection while at the gym:

  • Choose an off-time to go to the gym so that you are not exercising in a crowded environment. Usually, early morning is the best time to go to the gym, since it will be the least crowded, and many of the equipment that you use will be disinfected by the staff before the gym opens and will not be touched yet by any of the visitors.
  • Wear a face mask, preferably one of the Protective N95 KN95 FFP2 Face Masks for the Gym, since these will allow you to exercise safely while ensuring that your breathing isn’t hindered.
  • Training classes will need to be avoided until the Coronavirus has completely been eliminated.

“I discourage the classes for now at least and that's irrespective of when they relax the social distancing”

This is what Dr. Kesh, an infectious disease expert, tells CNET in an interview regarding gyming during the Coronavirus.

The reason is that a training class will mean a bunch of people huddled in the same room which raises the chances of contaminations in the air and the spread of the virus. So all kinds of gym classes will need to be avoided for as long as the Coronavirus stays.

  • Make sure you keep a disinfectant with you with which you can wipe the equipment that you use. You can never be too sure whether the person who used the equipment before you was infected with the virus or not. Then, of course, there are the asymptomatic carriers of Coronavirus which make 25% of the total Coronavirus infected population. Such people are infected with the disease and can transmit it but do not show any symptoms for themselves. Be extra careful and disinfect any equipment that you use and any surface that you come in contact with. This will ensure that the disease is not transmitted to you by touching a contaminated surface.

Disinfect equipment before touching

  • Use an alcohol-based sanitizer to clean your hands at intervals and wash your hands and face properly with soap and water once you get back home from the gym.
  • Remove the N95 face mask or KN95 face mask properly once you are home from the gym and clean and sanitize it before storing it. While the FDA prescribes N95s for single-use only, since, during the current pandemic, we regularly need to use these, one can use it multiple times. The Protective N95 KN95 FFP2 Face Masks for the Gym is designed for multiple-use for as long as it stays in shape and is not soiled. Remember to wash your hands again once you have safely removed your face mask.


None of the public places are safe for as long as we are facing this pandemic, and that includes gyms. Be extra careful and take all the preventive measures that will lower your chances of catching the virus. Protective N95 KN95 FFP2 Face Masks for the Gym are one of the most effective ways to do so. Order one now at our store and have it delivered before the gyms reopen after the lockdown.

However, be aware that while N95, KN95, and FFP2 are highly effective in protecting you against airborne contaminants, there are other ways of contracting the disease as well. Frequent handwashing and maintaining social-distancing are just as essential as wearing a face mask to protect yourself against the Coronavirus.

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