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Sometimes air travel cannot be avoided. Even with the pandemic upon us, repeated suggestions to stay home, and a generally insecure atmosphere all around us, travelling is sometimes unavoidable. Travelling in your own car around the city is another thing, but travelling in public transport such as an aircraft is an entirely different scenario. You will need adequate protection against the virus since you can’t be sure if the stranger next to you is infected or not.

Let alone travelling, even being at the airport is no less than a threat unless you are wearing one of the protective N95 KN95 FFP2 face masks for airport.

This article will explain all the reasons why a protective face mask is an absolute must if you’re at the airport, and how you can acquire one.

What do the authorities guide

COVID-19 has spread globally. With the total Coronavirus cases around the world about to hit 4 million, experts strictly advise everyone to “stay home” and to avoid unnecessary travels. “Avoid going to crowded places” is what WHO says on its website.

On the same page, they also advise the public to maintain a minimum of 3-feet distance among one another. The UK government, on the other hand, advises on maintaining a 6-feet distance between yourself and others when you go out in public. However, sticking to these guidelines is not always possible, especially when you’re on a plane. You do not know if the person sitting next to you is infected or not.

This is the reason why we are continually being advised against unnecessary travels.

Don’t leave home, unless you really need to for grocery shopping, job, medicines, or other unavoidable circumstances.

Also, when you do need to go out in public, remember to gear yourself for the highest levels of protection against the disease. N95 face masks can help achieve that since they protect you against 95% of airborne particles.

What do travellers need to know

Even with the authorities advising against air travel, it’s sometimes absolutely necessary to sit on a plane. Even the authorities know that, which is why they have provided specific guidelines for travellers during the pandemic.

Avoid international travel during this time, unless it’s completely necessary.

Here’s what the WHO recommends for international travels:

  • Avoid travelling, especially to the infected areas.
  • Wash hands frequently or use an alcohol-based sanitizer if washing isn’t possible.
  • Cover your face when you sneeze or cough. This is what the WHO recommends. However, if you’re using one of our Protective N95 KN95 FFP2 Face Masks for Airports, your sneezing and coughing problems are all catered for you.
  • Don’t touch your face, unless it’s unavoidable.
  • If face masks are worn, use them properly and dispose of properly.
  • If travelling back from affected areas, travellers will need to be quarantined for a period of 14 years during which, if symptoms appear, they should contact a health care provider for guidance.

Why is a protective face mask necessary for travel?

NHS advises the public upon maintaining a 6-feet distance from others if you go out in public. However, following these guidelines strictly isn’t possible when you’re at the airport. It’s especially difficult to administer social distancing once you get on the plane.

This is exactly why you need to take additional measures to ensure your safety as well as that of those around you. Protective N95 KN95 FFP2 face masks for airport can help you ensure a safe journey for yourself. Many airlines have even made it a requirement, so there isn’t even a question about whether or not to wear it.

Many airlines in the US have made it a requirement to wear face masks. The government of Canada has issued similar regulations regarding the use of face masks at the airport. Some airlines are even providing face masks and sanitizer wipes to their passengers to make their point.

It won’t be long before the UK government will also make it a requirement to wear face masks during international and local travels. If you don’t have one already and plan on travelling in the near future, it’s best that you get one now and receive the delivery before your flight.

The Independent highlights that while the 2-meter gap is currently achievable for UK airlines because of the low number of travellers, the use of face masks will need to be enforced once the numbers of passengers increase in the coming days.

Staying a step ahead and gearing yourself for the worst is much better than regretting your mistake later on. Don’t take Coronavirus lightly, because it isn’t. It has infected millions of people already and is still on the rise.

Protecting yourself against the virus through N95 face masks and KN95 face masks will save you from much trouble. It will also prevent you from becoming a carrier of the virus for other family members, some of whom may be old or with weaker immune systems. 

Protective face masks - likely to be a requirement for UK travellers in the coming future.

Does wearing a face mask on a plane protect you?

Imagine being on a plane with a stranger next to you. The stranger sneezes or coughs and does not cover his face while doing so. He’s not wearing any type of face-covering either. You don’t have an N95 face mask to protect you. Now, what are the chances of the contaminants in the secretions from the stranger’s nose and mouth going into your respiratory system? The chances are high.

Also, you do not know if the person sitting next to you is infected with Coronavirus or not. Furthermore, secretions from sneeze or cough travel much further than 6-feet, as revealed by the National Geographic. So even if you do maintain the required “safe” distance from others, there’s no protection against these contaminants, unless there’s a physical barrier in their path.

Instead of finding yourself sneezing and coughing days or weeks later, thinking to yourself, “If only I was wearing a Protective N95 KN95 FFP2 Face Masks for Airports,” it’s best to take action while it’s not too late.   

Still thinking if wearing a face mask inside the airport or on a plane protects you?

N95 face masks are 95% effective in blocking airborne contaminants from reaching your respiratory system. Surgical masks also provide an effective physical barrier against large contaminated droplets, such as those released from someone’s sneeze or cough.

Airports are crowded and so are the planes. If travel is restricted now, there are chances that it will gradually rise in the future, and you will need as much protection as you can get against the Coronavirus.

In short, wearing a face mask does not guarantee a 100% protection against catching the virus but it surely raises your chances of avoiding it. By protecting yourself, you are also protecting others and preventing the spread of the disease.

Protect yourself and protect others by wearing KN95 face mask

Where to find Protective N95 KN95 FFP2 Face Masks for Airports?

Ensure safe travel by placing your order for protective N95 KN95 FFP2 face masks for airport at our website. No matter where you are living in the UK, have your order delivered to you within 2-3 days. We also make deliveries to customers living outside the UK, contact us on the number provided on the home page for more details.

We understand the need for protection for our customers which is exactly why we keep ample face masks stocked up in our warehouses, ready to be delivered. Furthermore, we make absolutely certain that none of the products we advertise on our website are out of stock. Once you have placed your order for a protective face mask at least a week before your flight is scheduled, you will receive your KN95 face mask well in time to enjoy a safe journey.  


Don’t forget to place your order for Protective N95 KN95 FFP2 Face Masks for Airports well in time to ensure a safe trip to the airport. With thousands of people visiting the airport premises each day, chances are high that the environment is contaminated. You wouldn’t want to let your guard down, especially while coronavirus is still at its peak.

Besides wearing your protective N95 face mask, make sure to abide by all the rest of the protective measures to stay safe. Safe use of face masks, frequent hand-washing, or sanitizing, maintaining a 2-meter distance from others are all vital in ensuring your health and that of others.

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