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Coronavirus hasn’t just affected the health of millions of people globally, it has also adversely impacted businesses. However, it does not have to be all bad. Turn the situation around to your favor and take it as a chance to promote your business. Yes, branded face masks are what we’re talking about!

If you’re thinking of trying out something new for your brand, customised face masks with your logo are the way to go. This article will tell you all about these customized face masks and how you can purchase them in bulks.

Why do you need a customised face mask?

Face masks are the first thing you’ll notice no matter which direction you turn your head to, especially when you’re out in public. These little things can be the trendiest part of your attire in the present times. Also, know that the trend is here to stay since the pandemic doesn’t plan on ending anytime soon. While letting them protect us against Coronavirus, why not make more out of them and use them for branding?

There are a whole bunch of reasons why your brand could do a lot better with customised face masks with your logo.

Promote your business with customised face masks

If you’re running a business, expanding it and bringing in more profits is all you ever think about, isn’t that right? Face masks can help you do so and with style! Order a bunch of these for yourself and the company employees and see how it brings more sales.

Let’s face it, the products or services you’re giving out aren’t going to sell themselves. You’ll have to come up with new ideas to promote your brand name and let more people know what you stand for. At the moment, the best way to do so is to have your logo printed on face masks!

Everyone is so obsessed with these face masks that it’s the first thing they’ll notice on you. When a potential customer sees a face mask with your logo on it, there are good chances that they’d want to know more about the brand and might even make a purchase.

Token of appreciation for the customers

Give away a couple of customised face masks with your logo to your customers. Imagine their surprise and gratitude when they open up their delivery and find your company’s face masks within. Not only will it help develop fondness among customers and a possibility for future purchases, but it will also bring in more customers.

When your existing customers where your company’s face masks when they go out in public, more people will find out about your brand. And the chain will continue, bringing in more customers and more profits.

Keeping yourself and others safe

Of course, don’t forget the primary reason for a face mask. When you buy them in bulk for yourself and those associated with you, you’re playing a major role in keeping them safe. Customised face masks with your logo won’t just be for branding, they’re medical-grade protective masks that will do an excellent job at keeping the wearer’s respiratory system safe.

CDC recommends wearing cloth face coverings “in public settings where other social distancing measures are difficult to maintain.” This clearly suggests how useful it can be to cover your face and mouth in protecting you against the virus. However, not everyone has the time or the will to make their own DIY masks as suggested by the same website. If you’re one of them, you can simply order your N95 face masks on our website. 

It’s just cool

Leaving aside the bigger goals for brand promotion and Coronavirus protection, there’s another reason why you would want to get it, it’s just cool! If you love your profession, you must also love to brag about it. However, the chance to brag about your job doesn’t come very often, does it? With your customised face mask with your logo, you wouldn’t have to brag; your face mask will do the job for you!

You don’t have to be the boss or the company owner to get these face masks for employees and customers. If you love your work, and your company, get a bunch of these special face masks for yourself and for your colleagues. How cool would it look walking out of the company’s building with a bunch of friends, wearing the same unique face mask?

Health benefits of a customised face mask

A customized face mask with your logo isn’t simply for branding. It poses plenty of health benefits, especially during these unprecedented times.

A customised face mask is a fully-featured protective face mask that gives you plenty of benefits against the Coronavirus.

While the pandemic is on the rise around us, personal protection is the most important thing we all need to be focusing on. When it comes to personal protection, face masks are the one thing that’s being stressed upon by doctors all over the world.

Angela Hewlett, a member of the Infectious Diseases Society of America said, “if you’re wearing a scarf around your face or another homemade mask, then there’s a chance that your secretions will be contained in that as opposed to being spread to the environment,” in an interview with CNBC.

So, it turns out that face masks aren’t just protecting the wearer against catching the disease but also those around them. If the wearer is ill, their mask will contain their secretions when they sneeze or cough and will prevent others from becoming a victim to these contaminated particles.

Of course, if you’re having KN95 face masks, N95 face masks, or FFP2 face masks, you receive a 95% protection against contaminated airborne particles throughout the time that you are wearing them. At the Mask Coronavirus website, you have the option to customise any variety of face masks with your brand logo on it. Purchase customised N95s if you’re looking for ultimate protection against Coronavirus, silicone face masks for reusability, or 3-ply surgical face masks breathability and comfort; the choice is yours.

Include a logo of your choice and promote your business

Features of a customised face mask

Our customised face masks have plenty to offer. They offer all of the features of a medical-grade protective face, with the added advantage of branding.

Customised face masks with your logo offer all of the features of a protective face mask and more. 

Here are all the features that your customised face mask brings with it:

  • Company logo and text of your choice printed on the front.
  • 95% protection from airborne contaminants, if you choose N95 face masks or KN95.
  • Although FDA recommends N95 face masks for single-use, in a civilian capacity, you may use them multiple times after cleaning or sanitizing. For health workers, we recommend it for single-use only.
  • Made with superior-quality non-woven fabric, the face masks are not constricting to wear and will keep you fresh and comfortable throughout the day.
  • The soft nose foam supports your nose comfortably, preventing the mask from falling off. Once you’ve put it on, you won’t find the need to touch it.
  • It keeps your respiratory system protected and also protects you from other respiratory infections besides Coronavirus.
  • With the elastic earloop, the customised face mask with your logo is easy to use and offers the perfect fit for your face.

Where can you purchase in bulks

Now that PPE including medical-grade face masks is short everywhere, where to get these customised face masks from? You can place bulk orders for customised face masks with your logo at our store. We are always prepared with ample stock of face masks for our customers since we understand the urgency and the need for personal protection these days.

You could have a small order to place if you simply plan on purchasing customised face masks for your family or your work friends. You could also be thinking of placing a large order if you own a business and are looking for brand promotion. Whatever the size of your order may be, we are always prepared and ready to ship it so that it reaches you in time.


The foremost goal during this pandemic is to stay protected, and face masks can help you achieve that. Don’t go out in public without wearing one since it will not only protect you but those around you as well.

With customised face masks with your logo, you enjoy added benefits. Stay in style while keeping yourself protected and let everyone know what you stand for.

Follow all the guidelines presented by the authorities such as CDC and WHO, and together we can help stop the spread of this disease. 

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